Rosser Funeral Home



How expensive is a funeral?

The cost of a funeral depends on what you want There are many plans to choose from and a wide selection of caskets, vaults and other memorials. Advance planning also helps you prepare for the expense and permits you to set aside the funds over a period of time.

What if I move away?

In most cases, your funeral plans may be transferred if at any time you should move 50 or more miles from our location. We can even recommend a reputable funeral home in your new community. Through pre-arrangement, you can be confident your wishes will be fulfilled wherever you may live.

What if I die away from home?

If you are traveling or visiting another city when death occurs, your survivors should contact our funeral home immediately. We will make the necessary arrangements with a funeral home in that location to assist with transfer.

What type of service do most families select?

Most people prefer a traditional funeral. However, we offer many other choices to make the service meaningful to the family. Memorial services, special music requests, cremation, military and fraternal tributes are just a few of the options we make available. We honor any special preferences or requests.