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Funeral Needs

Why leave the hard decisions for your family? By using Rosser Funeral Home’s PRE-NEED ARRANGEMENTS plans, we can help you make all of the key decisions for your funeral beforehand. You can provide all of the necessary state required information, saving your family the stress of having to locate your important papers and files after your death.

And most importantly, the cost of your funeral is set with convenient payment plans. This adds a cost certainty that is lost, many times, when the family makes the decisions after your death.

“Many people will overspend for a funeral when the plans are made after their loved one’s passing,” Rosser Funeral Home owner Perry Rosser said.

Please check out this video on PRE-NEED ARRANGEMENTS. And then see the individual stories of the customers who reaped the benefits of their loved one’s decision to use PRE-NEED planning.

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